ReplayFX 2015

ACAM Presents Steve Golson: From Crazy Otto to Ms. Pac-Man

Here’s the description from the ReplayFX website:

Steve Golson, one of the original developers of Ms. Pac-Man at General Computer Corporation (GCC), will recount little-known stories about the creation of this iconic 1982 game. How and why did it transform from Crazy Otto to Ms. Pac-Man? Using source code and graphics ROMs extracted from his 30-year-old 8″ floppy archives, Steve will show the evolution of game play and character design. Steve will also discuss GCC’s first product Super Missile Attack, including the SMA 2.0 version created during GCC’s lawsuit with Atari.

Steve worked for General Computer of Cambridge, MA. from 1981 through 1985. Steve performed the hardware design for GCC’s arcade enhancement kits Super Missile Attack and Ms. Pac-Man. Steve also worked on the Maria graphics chip for the Atari 7800 ProSystem home console, & was a contributor to various other arcade game projects at GCC such as Atari’s Charley Chuck’s Food Fight. Steve is a frequent contributor to ACAM’s education projects, and participates with ACAM at gaming events on a regular basis.

It’s always a pleasure working with Mike Stulir and the other great folks at American Classic Arcade Museum (ACAM). Please visit!